What is Flypside Encore?

Flypside Encore is a platform that provide services of entertainment, productions, event hosting as well as coverage. It's never a dull momment with our comedy skits. Flypside provides content, comical videos, music videos and manage events. Feel free to check out the servce page so as to get the full picture or contact us.

Founded by our very own Clement Shuaibu as early as 2006. Flypside started as an avenue to discuss and share personal thoughts about movies. He continued to grow the brand, building and gaining popularity for the brand all on his own. Up untill 2010, He teamed up with Osasuie and obosko who brought a new sence to the brand. They inspired the comedy skits. This makes flypside what it is today; well expanded and grown to the extent of providing all the services it provides today.

Flypside Comedy

Flypside comedy is a platform where a variety of comical videos/musical performances are displayed to our audience for their viewing pleasure, we bring to you new funny videos every week and create an interactive platform to get feed back to our loving audience. Obosko, Osas, baba ijebu and a whole lot of others will keep you laughing with their world class comic acting in these short comedy skits. Every week a new thrilling and interesting episode of full-fledge comedy is realeased for our audience viewing pleasure. Make sure to stick around for these therapetic entertainment.


With our team of very professional personels, we indulge in providing proper and effective coverage of events. From organization to personal events, our service is spectacular. By using the latest technology in the market so as to ensure we can offer the very best of service.

Video services

Our dedication to providing excelent service drives us, in order to achieve this; we settle for only the best in gadgets and equiptment. We collect multiple viewing angles of videos, edit and document to give the best result. Our staff are also well trained in their respective area

Meet our awesome team

  • Shuaibu Clement
  • AKA: Procee
  • Email: clement@gmail.com
  • Nicholas Yashim
  • AKA: Organick
  • Email: 20nick06@gmail.com